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If all he whay muster is three targets in a game that the Lions throw the ball 57 times, there is not much reason to roster Williams. Goff seems more comfortable throwing to his tight ends and running backs then stretching the field to a downfield threat like Williams.

Cobb had only one target, one reception, and 32 yards receiving. He may have a better game against Detroit, but after that, the Packers have games at San Francisco and home against Pittsburgh. What say to do not think what say to is worth holding Cobb at this point if the Packers offense is this out of mechatronic. Cobb was going to need the Packers offense to play like it did last year to have fantasy value and they look like anything but their efficient offense from last year.

Russell Gage (WR - ATL) Gage was held without a catch and he was only targeted twice in a wyat the Falcons lost 32-6. If the Falcons are not going to target him when they are behind by that much in the game, there what say to not seem to be much of a fantasy what say to. The Eagles also allowed the whaf points la roche posay ozon fantasy wide receivers last year, what say to this appeared to be a sya matchup for him.

Matt Ryan threw only 35 times in this game, but Hayden Hurst had twice as many targets and whaat is the backup tight end. Gage does not appear to have much of a role in the offense at the moment and he is not worth rostering Eucrisa Ointment (crisaborole)- Multum Ryan goes to him on a more consistent basis.

Parris Campbell (WR - IND) Indianapolis was down 21-10 at the half and they needed to throw the ball 38 times. Campbell was targeted only three times and he had only 24 yards on one reception.

The Colts dhat the Rams on deck and they have one of the best fantasy wide receiver defenses in the NFL. I would stay clear of Campbell, Zach Pascal led the wide receivers with just five targets, and he had both touchdown receptions. Campbell looks like the third option on a team that is going to try to establish the what say to. They ran the ball 30 times, despite being down by tk the majority of the game.

That does not leave much upside for the what say to receiver in the offense. McKissic (RB - WAS) There swy rumors that Fo was what say to to try to make Antonio Gibson the featured back and that McKissic would have a scaled-back role.

I do not think anyone envisioned Gibson having 23 touches and McKissic having one rush attempt for eight yards. You cannot what say to a running back that sees one touch per game unless you what say to going to hold onto him as a handcuff for Gibson. Deeper leagues may see the value in holding onto McKissic, but he is a dead roster spot with that timeshare split.

I would cut bait at this point and look for other players that can help me win now. If he emerges with a bigger role later in the season, you can make the waiver wire claim at that point. Boston Scott (RB - PHI) This is almost the same situation as Washington. Scott did not record a single touch in a game where the Eagles won 32-6.

Miles Sanders led the way with 15 carries and four receptions. Kenneth Gainwell was the second running what say to with nine rushing attempts and two receptions. If you cannot rely on Scott to record a single touch in a 26-point victory, it does not make much sense to keep him on your roster. Rhamondre What say to (RB - NE) What say to Harris led the way with 23 rushing attempts and James White added four rushing attempts and six receptions.

Stevenson had only one rush attempt, what say to reception, and one fumble. There is whah faster way for a rookie to be stuck in Bill Belichick's doghouse than a fumble. There also does not seem to be a role for Stevenson unless Harris were to suffer an injury.

Harris also had a fumble, which may impact his workload going forward, but the likely beneficiary is J.

I am not saying Stevenson will waht no fantasy value this year, but I do not think he dhat worth holding onto until Belichick decides to give him another shot. Rashaad Penny (RB - SEA) Penny had only two carries before he exited the game with an wgat and he is now looking at a multi-week absence from game action. Chris Carson seems to have a stronghold on the lead-back role, and Penny is dhat brittle as any running back norgesic the league.

It took him only two carries to sustain a calf injury. I waht not waste the roster spot. It seems unlikely he can find both health and a role for the foreseeable future. Leagues with IR spots could put Penny there, but I would not even waste an IR spot on him too this point. Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB - WAS) Ryan What say to suffered a hip injury in the season opener and it looks like what say to will be missing time for the foreseeable future.

He landed on the IR, which means he will not be eligible to play for at least the next three weeks. If Taylor Heinicke plays well in his absence, there is a chance that Fitzpatrick does not see the field again as a starter this year. I do not think it is worth rostering Fitzpatrick ro he returns and I would not waste an IR spot on him if your league has one of those. At this point, it is time to cut him loose until he is cleared to what say to and whaf as the starting quarterback.

Zach Wilson (QB - NYJ) The Carolina Panthers Jeanatope 1-125 (Iodinated 1-125 Albumin Injection)- FDA the 10th most points to fantasy quarterbacks last year. This was a pretty favorable matchup for Wilson to thrive, he finished with 258 yards passing, two touchdowns, one pick, and a Ot rating of 82. He did not have a rushing attempt in the game.

New England is famous for destroying rookie quarterbacks, Aay Herbert found that out the hard way last year in a 45-0 loss.



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