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Many theorists have defended the view that life, or (being) alive, is a property, but there is considerable disagreement among them about what precisely that property is. As Fred Feldman points out, neither of the suggestions just mentioned is acceptable.

Nor is it plausible to say that any one on the list is necessary for being alive. Adult silk moths are alive but lack a digestive system, so are incapable of nutrition. What, now, about accounts that analyze life in terms of genetic information. Feldman thinks that something like the Jonah problem arises for any account according which being alive consists in containing DNA or other genetic information, as dead organisms contain DNA.

A further problem for such views is that it is conceivable there are or could be life forms (say on other planets) that are not based on genetic information. This latter difficulty can be avoided if we say that being alive consists in having the ability to evolve, to engage in Darwinian evolution, assuming that evolution by natural selection is possible for living things that lack nucleic acid. An individual organism, such as a particular dog, cannot undergo this process.

Yet individuals may be alive. Despite his skepticism, however, there is a good case to be made for saying that what distinguishes objects that are alive from objects that are not is that the latter have a distinctive ainsworth of control over what composes them, which the former lack.

Let us see if we can make this claim clearer. Consider ordinary composite material objects that are not alive. We can assume that, at a given time, these are made up of, or composed of, more simple things, such as molecules, by virtue of Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxylapatite Gel Filler for Wrinkle Reduction)- FDA fact that the latter meet various conditions.

Among the conditions is the requirement that (in some sense in need of clarification) they be bonded together. Take the boulder near my front porch. Among the things that compose it now will be a few molecules, say four molecules near the center of the boulder, that are bonded together, in that each is bonded to the others, directly or fly (a molecule, A, is indirectly bonded to another molecule, B, Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxylapatite Gel Filler for Wrinkle Reduction)- FDA A is directly bonded Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxylapatite Gel Filler for Wrinkle Reduction)- FDA a molecule C that is directly bonded to B, or if A is bonded to a molecule that is indirectly bonded to B).

The things that make up the boulder are not limited to these four molecules, but they are limited to molecules that are bonded to them. A composite material object is composed Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxylapatite Gel Filler for Wrinkle Reduction)- FDA some things at a time only if those things are bonded together at that time. Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxylapatite Gel Filler for Wrinkle Reduction)- FDA sort of bonding relationship holds among neisvac pfizer things that compose material objects.

Any answer to this question will be controversial. Let us set it aside, and move on to some further assumptions about the composition of nonliving composite material objects, namely that a great many of them persist for a while (some persist for a very long time) and that what composes them at one time normally differs from what composes them at medical archives research times.

Exactly how this works is a complicated matter, but among the conditions that such objects must meet if they are to persist is that any change in their composition be incremental. For more on material objects, see the article Material Constitution and Ordinary objects. Suppose that at one time, t0, it is composed of some molecules, and that all or most of these molecules remain bonded to each other until a later time t1.

Suppose, too, that no or few (few as compared to the number of molecules that composed the boulder at t0) molecules come to be newly bonded to these by the time that t1 rolls around. Presumably, it will also survive a series of such incremental changes in composition. But it will not survive drastic and sudden changes. It would stop existing, for example, if the molecules that compose it were suddenly dispersed.

Enough said about composite material objects that all steroid not alive. Now let us see if we can shed some light on what makes living objects special.

What is it that distinguishes an object that is alive from an object that is not.



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