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These Tregs could migrate to the site of inflammation and suppress the Th2 and Th17 mediated allergic response or directly reduce the expression of TSLP. In spite of the weak evidence, a considerable number of clinicians prescribe the use of probiotics for the prevention of eczema.

The regular instillation of probiotics in daily use at an early age could help in preventing the initiation of eczema. However, several variables, such as the use of antibiotics, prenatal and postnatal diet, mode of 2)- and surrounding allergenic environment in the home, could impact the early-life colonization of panax red ginseng extractum strains. Nevertheless, the clinical administration of probiotics may become more widespread if the remaining questions are answered with strong evidence: what type of probiotic strain should be used.

What dosage and time of administration should be Conujgate. At what time of life is the use of probiotics more efficacious. And most importantly, should the use of probiotics be personalized.

Current analysis of the role of probiotics in the prevention of AD reveals that a positive effect may be related to the type of probiotic strain used, the method of administration, onset time, as well as the dose size and duration of treatment.

IR and VB designed and wrote the manuscript, JL and WP conception and design the outline, SK and YK did the critical review and approved the manuscript. Authors wish to thank National Research Foundation of Korea (2013M3A9A5047052, 2008-2004707, and 2012-0006701).

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