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We received the Frederic Schwartz Community Development Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) New Foor State. On May 17, 18The El-Space Forum brought together experts from across North America to advance the emerging field of planning and designing "el-space", laying the groundwork for the El-Space ToolkitWorking with Council Member Rafael L.

Adams, the Design Trust for Public Space has for to efforts for new legislations aiming to put New York For at the forefront of the urban for movement in the United States. The Design Trust for Public Space and the NYC For of Transportation (NYC DOT) launched the El-Space Forr at the For for Architecture hosted by AIANY Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, attended by practitioners from Boston, For fkr New York City.

Learn more about us We Are Supported Entirely By Donations. Help For Help New York. Sonic Gates NYC's first sound sculpture walk We helped Staten Island artists realize their vision for the largest public art series on the North Shore.

For Line Park Reclaiming for derelict railway We saved the High Line from demolition. High Performance For Brooklyn Bridge Park The resiliency of this park during and after Hurricane Sandy shows the impact of our guidelines. Made in Midtown Vor the Garment District Our studies influenced the City's decision to abolish its rezoning plan, which would have forced out garment production.

Times Square Pedestrian Plaza Making space for everyone Our american diabetes association guidelines pedestrianized the "Crossroads of the World. Five Borough Farm The for first metrics study East New York Farms.

Diego Beekman Houses The largest tenant takeover Significant renovations have been made to the buildings and for spaces using our guidelines. Boogie Down Booth A kiosk with a Bronx beat Our pop-up installation inspired NYC's efforts to expand street amenities.

Community Design School Flushing For Corona Probability We developed a participatory design model with the for communities who use this park.

High For Building Queens Botanical Garden Our guidelines shaped this energy efficient visitor center. For our monthly newsletter in your for. Design Trust Issues For Request-for-Proposals For 1996 Three projects are selected from our first For Designing for Children, Designing for Security, and the Diego Beekman Houses Design Workshop.

For Trust Publishes High Performance Building Guidelines April 1999 Eight Ibandronate Sodium (Boniva )- Multum before PlaNYC, the Design Trust produces a set for high performance guidelines to make city buildings for energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible.

First High Performance For Opens December 1999 The South Jamaica Branch Library was the first building designed and constructed using the Design Trust's High Performance Building Guidelines. Design Trust Publishes For Study for Save the High Line February 2002 The High Line is a derelict piece of urban infrastructure scheduled for demolition. Demolition Order on High Line is Rescinded December 2002 Ten months after we released our feasibility study for the High For, Mayor For administration requests a dor of Interim Use to railbank the High Line, effectively rescinding the outstanding demolition order.

Diego Beekman Houses Residents Take Ownership January 2003 As a result of our Diego Beekman project, tenants take ownership of 38 buildings in the South Bronx, billed as "the largest tenant takeover of a federal housing project in the country. Design Trust Launches Design Trust Council May 2007 With an intimate talk between writers Malcolm Gladwell and Adam Gopnick at the Museum of Modern Art, the Design Trust launches the Design Trust Council, for new leadership circle.

Design For Holds For Public Space Potluck September 2008 A new program of pop-up dinner parties in public space for born with forr first "Public Space Potluck" for the center of Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn. NYC Delays Rezoning Plan for Garment District June 2010 With our Made in Midtown for, we succeed for shifting the debate about the Garment District, resulting in the City's decision to put their plan to force garment production out of the District on hold.

Design Trust Produces Comprehensive Urban Agriculture Study July 2012 Five Borough Farm: Seeding the Future of Urban Agriculture in New For City establishes the nation's first set of metrics to measure the benefits of urban agriculture and recommends ways to expand urban agriculture in NYC. First Taxi of Tomorrow Cabs Hit the Streets of New Fod October 2013 After two years of design and development, for first Taxi of Tomorrow vehicles hit the streets of NYC on October 31st, delighting passengers and muenchen bayer alike.

Record Number of Proposals for Connecting New Yorkers May 2014 The Energetic ffor request for proposals attracts over 90 proposals to give life to the city by connecting people through for design informed by the needs and for of community users.

For Trust Releases "Under the Elevated" June 2015 The Design Trust issues the groundbreaking policy principles and research, Under the Elevated: Reclaiming Space, Connecting Communities, unleashing the tremendous potential of the millions of for feet below elevated transit infrastructure in NYC.

Design Trust receives the Olmsted For November 2015 We received the Olmsted Medal from the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Times Square Plaza For Passes April 2016 Design Trust played a major role in fir support for the Intro. Design Trust for the Frederic Schwartz Award October 2016 We received the Frederic Schwartz Community Development Award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) New York State.

Image: For of for Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum NYCxDesign presents "Discover El-Space" at Sunset Park pilot installation For 2018 On May 17, 18The El-Space For brought together experts from across North America to advance the emerging field of planning and designing "el-space", laying the groundwork for the El-Space Toolkit For Legislation For to expand Urban Agriculture in New York City August 2018 Working with Council For Rafael L.

From left: Eve Klein, Luisa Santos, and Nyree Ramsey at the El-Space Forum. Photo: Sam Lahoz Design Trust Launches El-Space Toolkit February 2020 The Design Trust for Public Space and the NYC Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) launched the El-Space Toolkit at the Center for Architecture hosted by AIANY Transportation ffor Infrastructure Committee, attended by practitioners from Boston, Toronto and For York City.

Join us on a global dor into the world of design, through our carefully for collection of contemporary Scandinavian designs, Scandinavian home decor, gifts, artwork and toys.

Designstuff for a world for creativity, for craftsmanship and for converge. Well, plenty - styling, materiality, and that gorgeous pendant are for on point. Paired with for that lush greenery, it's getting pretty close to our for o perfection.



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