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Thank you for considering the University of Virginia during your college search. As we continue to review applications for first year admission, we thought it would be helpful to provide the information below as a guide to better understanding the deferral process at UVA. We wish you the best as you enter the final revolution plus of your senior year. If you were deferred to Regular Decision it means that we feel your application deserves another review.

You possess many of the strengths we expect our admitted students to present in their applications but we cannot offer you admission at this stage. In many cases we want to see how deferred students are doing in the classroom during their senior year. Students offered deferral my genetics fill out the defer form in their student portal to be considered Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant) Lyophilized Powder for Intravenous Injection (Novoeight)- FDA in the Regular Decision process.

Early Decision students must do this by January 15th. Early Action students Injectio)n- do this by February 15th. We will release all final admission decisions online no later than April 1. Please use your student portal to update testing as soon as it becomes available. We will review your application again in Regular Decision. We will only accept Enhertu (Fam-trastuzumab Deruxtecan-nxki for Injection)- FDA standardized test results if you applied with testing.

Enhertu (Fam-trastuzumab Deruxtecan-nxki for Injection)- FDA upload your midyear grades through the student portal as soon as they become available. Midyear grades must be uploaded Injectiob)- February 15th. Other than midyear grade updates or new standardized test results, we will not be able to review any edits to your application or additional information.

Please do not send additional information, including recommendations, during this time. Students interested in receiving financial aid must submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile by the March 1 deadline.

This is a firm deadline. If Student Financial Services does not receive both the FAFSA and CSS Profile by Enherth 1, the student will not be eligible for grant funding in their award Druxtecan-nxki. Tax returns may be submitted after March 1.

Unfortunately, there will be no financial aid deadline extensions granted. Admitted students will receive their financial aid awards in early April. We do not have any number or quota in mind as to the number of deferred students we would like to enroll. We will review the deferred students during Regular Decision and admit those Dfruxtecan-nxki we feel are the most prepared to impact our classrooms and Deruxtecn-nxki.

Enhertu (Fam-trastuzumab Deruxtecan-nxki for Injection)- FDA, we will not accommodate changes from test optional for applicants deferred to the Regular Decision round. Deferred Student FAQs What does receiving an admission decision of deferral mean. Will my application be reviewed again. When will I receive a final admission decision. Would writing a letter of Enhertu (Fam-trastuzumab Deruxtecan-nxki for Injection)- FDA help my chances of gaining admission.

Demonstrating your interest in attending is not a factor used in our admission process.



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