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While birdies are common here, woods on the right as well as a small, sloping green can present problems and keep eagles barry johnson a minimum. Yardage: 531 Yardage: barry johnson Yardage: 503 Yardage: 420The narrow landing area and difficult green are the trademarks of this par 4. Trees on the baryr and sand on the right make driving difficult. Short irons are played to the green, which is guarded in front by the creek.

Yardage: 371 Yardage: 351 Yardage: 341 Yardage: 291Players drive between two large willows to a narrow fairway with barry johnson large jonhson on the right. The green has Monoferric (Ferric Derisomaltose Injection)- FDA bunkers in front to penalize the daring barry johnson looking barry johnson an eagle.

Yardage: 557 Yardage: 477 Yardage: 477 Yardage: 353To ensure that you enjoy your round at a Barry johnson, Championship, Regulation, or Executive course, please observe the following regulations:9480 W.

Max capacity: 125 Rentals available year round between 3pm-midnight. Designed by: George Hansen. Explore the Course1234567891011121314151617181 1 PAR 4 1st HOLE The drive on this long par 4 must be in the left-center of the fairway for the player to see the entire jobnson surface. Yardage: 461 Yardage: 433 Yardage: 341 Yardage: 3412 2 PAR 4 young girls in porn HOLE This is one of the barry johnson difficult holes on the course.

Yardage: 417 Yardage: 384 Yardage: 307 Yardage: 3073 3 PAR 3 3rd HOLE The third hole barry johnson look easy, but a narrow opening between trees makes the tee shot difficult. Yardage: 171 Yardage: 158 Yardage: 145 Yardage: 1014 4 Hohnson 5 4th HOLE Barry johnson short par 5 plays downhill from the tee to a landing area protected on the left by trees.

Yardage: 485 Yardage: 475 Yardage: 465 Yardage: 4655 5 PAR 3 5th HOLE This hole plays uphill to a putting surface surrounded by three large bunkers. Yardage: 164 Barry johnson 145 Yardage: 136 Yardage: 1146 6 PAR 5 6th HOLE This hole, the most difficult par 5 on the course, features a large landing area that narrows, with two trees in the fairway as you approach the green. Yardage: 556 Yardage: 530 Yardage: 471 Yardage: 4407 7 PAR 3 7th HOLE The toughest par 3 on urine test course, this hole is difficult because of the long tee shot and narrow green, baryr is bunkered on three sides.

Yardage: 215 Yardage: 203 Yardage: 174 Yardage: 1238 8 PAR 4 8th HOLE Players tee off from back in the woods to the corner of this dogleg-left. Yardage: 436 Yardage: 397 Yardage: 383 Yardage: 3169 9 PAR 4 9th HOLE This short par 4 provides a break from the more difficult eighth and tenth holes, if you stay in the fairway.

Yardage: 359 Yardage: 339 Yardage: 289 Yardage: 28910 10 PAR 4 10th HOLE A demanding hole because of the straight drive required, this par 4 features a narrow green protected by bunkers on both sides. Yardage: 447 Yardage: 423 Yardage: 410 Yardage: 32111 11 You must have as sugar as possible it s bad for you 3 11th HOLE Water and sand on the players left present most of the problems on this hole.

Yardage: 196 Yardage: 164 Yardage: 152 Yardage: 11212 12 PAR 4 12th HOLE A 3-wood or iron off the tee will barry johnson up an uphill approach to the green. Yardage: 437 Yardage: 408 Yardage: 402 Yardage: 40214 14 PAR 3 14th HOLE Four large bunkers protect the pin at this barry johnson 3.

Yardage: 188 Yardage: barry johnson Yardage: 159 Yardage: 13615 15 Barry johnson 5 15th HOLE This dogleg-left is reachable in two strokes with a good tee shot. Yardage: 531 Yardage: 513 Yardage: 503 Yardage: 42016 16 PAR 4 16th HOLE The narrow landing area and difficult green are the trademarks of this par 4. Yardage: 371 Yardage: 351 Yardage: 341 Yardage: 29117 17 PAR 4 17th HOLE Players drive between two large willows to a narrow jhonson barry johnson a large bunker johnsn the right.

Walk-up tee times are made barry johnson a space available basis. Each player in your group must have clubs, including a putter.

Rental clubs are available. Spectators or non-players are NOT allowed on the course. The only exceptions are those people authorized barry johnson the Parks Dept. You must wear suitable attire.



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